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Kodi Lee’s America’s Got Talent 2019 Audition Will Move You to Tears

  • June 04 2019
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This year’s America’s Got Talent is receiving so much buzz (well like always) after Kodi Lee’s audition.

Kodi Lee, 22 is blind. He was aided to the stage by his mum. With his seemingly weird way of talking, the judges didn’t know what to expect but guess what? Everyone was blown away when Kodi Lee took his piano stand on stage and started singing.

Kodi has been blind from birth and his mother revealed that music is the only thing that has made life fun and liveable for her son.

Kodi Lee’s rendition of Ray Charle’s A Song For You might just be the best ever cover of the 1970 classic you’ve ever heard.

He was rightfully rewarded with a golden buzzer by judge Gabrielle Union. Watch the beautiful moment below:

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